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Need Something To Do This Weekend? Check Out Anime Shogatsu

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Anime Shogatsu is taking place this Saturday, January 20th, at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre located here in Toronto, Ontario. The celebration of Japanese and Anime Culture will ring in the Anime New Year on Saturday. To celebrate the occasion, a lineup of guests, panels, performances, games, and workshops have been set up all within the spirit of anime and Japanese culture.

Special guests include Michaela Murphy, a voice actress best known for her work as Toph Beifong on the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender. Michaela has also lent her voice to major motion pictures such as Meet The Robinsons, Brother Bear 2, and Curious George. Hiroko Puopolo will also be attending as a special guest. Hiroko is a certified kimono specialist, tea sommelier, as well as a historical researcher of modern Japanese culture.

A handful of talented and skillful cosplayers are joining the celebration as well. Pentakill Cosplay is this year’s judge for the Masquerade. Pentakill is a master level cosplayer and took part in the Masters of Cosplay competition that took place at Unplugged Expo 2016. He will be joined by Ali Mahou, master level cosplayer, and representative for Arda Wigs Canada, Bamzy Cosplay, an expert in cosplay armor and weapon props, Bear Sailor Moon, winner of best-in-show performance at Fan Expo 2017, Phil Mizuno, an internationally renowned cosplay, and Grey Cosplay who along with Mizuno will act as Master of Ceremonies.

The Toronto-based J-Pop idol group Pastel Toronto will be performing song and dance covers of popular J-Pop/Idol songs. Along with Pastel Toronto, 1, 2, SHINE!! will be making their return to Anime Shogatsu. 1, 2, SHINE!!! mainly perform covers from the popular anime, Love Live. The up and coming idol dance group, Soleil Stars will be rounding out the performance lineup with their performances of Japanese and Korean pop songs.

Canadian Go Association and Toronto Go Club will be on hand to teach anyone interested about the popular pastimes of China and Japan, Go and Shogi. MayDay Fundraising will be returning to Anime Shogatsu to host the Robot Battle. Lastly, video games! Notice Niche Games will be returning and along with them, they’re bringing their arsenal of video games. Specializing in rhythm, puzzle, and retro games.

If any of this peaks your interest head on down to the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre this Saturday, January 20th.