Need For Speed Unbound

Need for Speed Unbound’s Got Another Year Of Content Coming

Criterion Games has another year of updates coming to Need for Speed Unbound.

“Surprise! We’re still here, and not just here — we have a year’s worth of content coming to you!” The news reveals a small team of developers is working on content that players can expect until December 2024.

We’ll be honest and admit we can’t build everything everyone wants right now, but we can decide together what NFS should be in the future.”

“Our vision is that through our second year of live service, you can, for the first time, begin to play the ultimate NFS experience in one place. Your feedback and gameplay will help shape the future of this iconic franchise. As you play, we will be listening, observing and reacting to the things you want to see and those you don’t. It’s an approach we’re calling Kaizen,” continues the blog post.

Kaizen in Japanese is a word used to describe continuous improvement, and developers want to encapsulate the idea in Need for Speed Unbound. In short, this title is fleshing out its live service offerings.

Through evolving volumes of content scheduled to launch every few months, Criterion aims to provide themed updates to build and grow the existing game with more challenges, new content, new progression and new Ranks.

Two new fully customizable cars are coming as part of the Speed Pass, and these two vehicles include fully customizable body kits with tons of changes available to make your car as you like it.

Need for Speed Unbound also includes bug fixes and improvements. “Every improvement we try to make is a trade-off between something new and something different. So we’ll be closely monitoring your comments and feedback and coming to you with regular communications about what we’re learning along the way,” says Criterion.

Additionally, with Volume 6, a new premium Speed Pass is being offered with new vehicles, the ability to unlock customization content, and more.

In our review of Need for Speed Unbound, I said, “Despite minor setbacks, it is the best offering the series has delivered in years. In a year filled with great experiences, I couldn’t resist entering Lakeshore and tackling a handful of races at night before zig-zagging city streets to avoid being arrested. The melding of real cars with incredibly animated cartoon and anime-inspired effects delivers a welcome sense of style and flair to the experience without shifting into cringe territory.”