Need for Speed Unbound

Need for Speed Unbound’s Trailer Is All About Risk And Reward

We’re over a month away from Need for Speed Unbound, the next big entry from returning developer Criterion Games and today’s trailer focuses on risk and reward.

As the trailer’s description says, “To get to the top, you gotta take risks,” so you better be ready to put it all on the line. To do that you’ll need to drift the streets, outdrive the cops and place side bets against rivals across the city. All of these events lead you to The Grand, the ultimate race in Lakeshore.

To get into The Grand, you’ll need to maximize your Bank over four weeks by competing in events and boosting cash. Eventually, with a car ready for the big race and hard cash, you’ll leave your rivals in the dust.

Seeing what Criterion Games has done so far with Need for Speed Unbound has me (and many others) excited by the fusion of lifelike cars and anime-inspired characters.