Need for Speed: Rivals Review

Having an assorted bunch of cops racing after me at high speeds has always been a dream of mine and one I think about often. No, not really, that’s dangerous and irresponsible. I do however, love re-enacting those pipedreams with Need for Speed.

Need for Speed Rivals is a launch title for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and is the next in line after last years Need for Speed Most Wanted. Developed by Ghost Games, a new studio formed by ex-Criterion developers and new comers, the game takes pride in combining the best of the last few entries.

Need for Speed Rivals is the set in a fictional city called Redview County and is quite different from Fairhaven City. The area has a ton of space and a ton of road to cover, with snow, rain and shine to experience. Drive through mountains, towns and desert and do so in ridiculous cars.

The game has a chapter based story and covers both the racers side, as well as the cop’s point of view. It makes no sense, and has no bearing on your level of enjoyment of topping out your speed as you drift through tunnels and long winding roads. The story is lackluster and really takes a backseat to everything else; however, the story is still better than the overly-dramatic Need for Speed: The Run.

All that matters is your scratch your need for speed.

Each stretch of road has things to do – be it challenges or speed challenges. One thing I missed from previous incarnations is the billboard jumps and city drives. Most Wanted felt the most realised in terms of world and roads available.

Rivals feels and responds well to what you are trying to accomplish. Controls are tight and react well to whatever situation you’re dealing with – be it hunting or being hunted and braking works well when you need to do a quick turn to escape danger.

A minor gripe I had is the relentlessness of the police in game. I really wanted to free roam and drive my new cars with no one bothering me but I couldn’t go more than a few minutes without being spotted and hunted down by law enforcement.

Each side of the coin – whether cop or racer has a variety of fast cars to go through and upgrade as you move through the chapters. A welcome addition is Ferrari, the likes of which haven’t been available in a long time.

If you’re looking for a nice addition to your library then this game is most welcome. You won’t be disappointed if you like car chases and enjoy creating chaos on the roads for everyone.


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