Need For Speed Heat: Pistons And Politics

In the dying days of the summer’s heat, EA Games has just turned it up a bit.

Today, along with Sweden’s Ghost Games, they released a trailer for Need For Speed: Heat. After a less-than-stellar 24th

installment into the franchise back in 2017, both companies are looking to relight the seemingly undying flame that is Need For Speed. And if the trailer is any indication, it seems like they’ve done just that.

Palm City appears to be a fictitious take on Miami, Florida. It’s a concrete jungle where you are going to have to run from the heat to avoid burning up. The police appear to be putting pressure on your pistons — something I felt was missing back in 2017 — forcing you to rev up your engine, adapt to the situation, and break free.

It’s worth noting that there is a strong sense of the us-versus-them politics currently on display in the United States. There are sure to be more than a few roadblocks in this game that will feel all too real.

The feel of the city and inhabitants displayed in the trailer appear to be the most life-like to date for this series that has evolved visually so many times over its existence.

Need For Speed: Heat is due out November 8th, 2019. Keep you eye on Console Creatures for more news and gameplay as it develops.