It’s National Sandwich Day!


Today’s the day! Thursday, November 3rd, otherwise known as National Sandwich Day and to celebrate, for every sandwich and drink purchased SUBWAY® Canada will give you a free sub AND donate a meal to Food Banks Canada.

To celebrate this partnership, Rainbow Francks, our host and face of Console Creatures, joined our friends at SUBWAY and took part in a food sort at North York Harvest Food Bank to see how it all happens, where it goes and how many people use food banks in Canada each day.


The lovely people of North York Harvest Food Bank took the volunteers on a tour of the facilities, where Rainbow met Katie, who caught him up on the proceedings of the day and what we were tasked with doing with our time at North York Harvest Food Bank. In the words of Rainbow, “I’ve never seen so many beans in my life.”


There was a lot of food to sort through, eh?

We met fellow bloggers, and SUBWAY employees and got to work sorting the donations into categories that would be repackaged. Right away, Rainbow mentioned how helping sort the food, and working with brilliant strangers felt good, and gave him a really warm feeling. The very reason behind volunteering is to bring good into the world and sorting food is a perfect example of the good that can be done in the world today.


After the team finished sorting through the food, everyone cheered! I think it’s because there was SUBWAY outside the sorting room, who wouldn’t cheer for a room full of sandwiches and cookies! I’d say it’s a #SandwishGranted, but Rainbow thinks it’s the positive spirit of the lovely people there that made everything worth doing (Rainbow is probably right, by the way!) Now, Rainbow is like me, a forever fan of SUBWAY’s Carved Turkey sub, which is here for a limited time – he had no idea it even existed until today and it’s now his favourite thing on the menu!


To commemorate all the hard work the volunteers put in to get this food out and into the hands of our fellow Canadians, we wanted to give away a $100  SUBWAY gift card for you to use at your local SUBWAY restaurant. With this one, we want you to take some time and consider donating food or helping out in whatever way you can this holiday season.


The lasting good and warm feelings brought on by this shared experience with SUBWAY will not be forgotten by Rainbow ]or anyone else who took part at the North York Food Harvest Food Bank yesterday. So, consider the options available, help out at your local shelter, sign up for programs that give back.


Do good!

And eat SUBWAY while you do it.