Mythforce Launching For PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, And Switch on September 12

Publisher Aspyr and developer Beamdog has announced its 80s-inspired first-person fantasy four-player cooperative roguelite game, MythForce, is going from early access to the full release on September 12th on not just PC but other platforms, including PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series, and Switch.

This September, players can expect the 1.0 version of Mythforce to launch with three episodes, unlockable difficulty modes, and a meta-progression system for drop-in/ drop-out action that has been overhauled since the game first went into early access. Players will find themselves in the ever-changing Cursed Lands which has all Saturday morning cartoon energy thanks to its vibrant and colourful world crafted using the classic aesthetics and techniques of the ’80s animation era. We actually go to see a bit of Mythforce most recently during last month’s Nintendo Direct presentation.

Mythforce will see players dungeon crawling in first-person as they wield legendary weapons and powerful magic to vanquish hordes of enemies in combat. Players and their parties will level up the more they explore while uncovering magical artifacts and upgrading their characters to become even more vital in each playthrough. This isn’t an adventure you can do alone as you can team up to four players, so bring some friends along for this cartoon-like adventure in an art style reminiscent of iconic Saturday morning cartoons from the yesteryears.

Mythforce first launched on PC via early access on the Epic Games Store on April 20th, 2022 – weeks after we shared our thoughts on the pre-release version of Mythforce in a preview on the site.

MythForce is a roguelike. It fights against you to make you feel small and keep you coming back for more, which is great! If I keep doing so, it just needs a little more balance and substance. Lucky for it, I still remember the days when you had to wait another week or month or even a year for something new to be added or for a conclusion to be made,” Luke wrote in his preview.