My PlayStation Is Basically PSN For Your Browser

Still no name change, Sony!

I gave up on the mobile PlayStation app years ago. It was buggy, it was slow and it never worked! I ended up grudgingly deleting it from my phone and sometimes I find myself wishing I could easily pull up my trophies to check something while I’m out or see what one of my friends are up to.

Today, Sony has made things quite easy by introducing My PlayStation, a fun, sleek, and exciting way to interact with your profile and friends. It has everything available as it would be if you were sitting in front of your console, but it runs much faster and looks infinitely better. Signing on is simple enough, and everything is available with the click of your mouse. Want to read your messages? No problem. There are even quick menus showing you who’s online and what they are up to.

This is all great, but there is one small caveat – there’s still no sign of being able to change your online handle, the one and only thing I’ve ever asked for from Sony. I’ll take that over backward compatibility, any day. Or at least until I remove my embarrassing name so I can request backward compatibility again!


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