My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia Season 7 Is Coming To Crunchyroll On May 4th

Crunchyroll boldly and loudly states they are going Plus Ultra on May 4th!

In this case, the goal is not to regrow a lost limb but to move forward with more of TOHO animation’s smash high school heroes anime, My Hero Academia.

You’ll have to wake up early to catch the start of the events leading up to the decisive battle between heroes and villains. They will exclusively live streaming on the service starting at 5:30 AM ET on May 4th.  

For those who haven’t been able to follow the show so far or need a crash course cram session, Crunchyroll has got you covered! 

Beginning April 6th, at 5:30 AM ET, they will begin broadcasting the weekly, four-part abridged series My Hero Academia: Memories. Relive all key moments from Season 1’s joyful entrance exam training for U.A. High School to Season 6’s terrifying Dark Hero arc. 

For now, both shows live broadcasts will be subbed, with dubs in English, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, and Italian coming later.