MultiVersus Reveals One Heck of a Cinematic Trailer

Like many, I was excited by the reveal of Nickelodeon All-Stars last year when it launched, Unfortunately, that game turned out to be a stinker and I ended up dropping it quickly.

Then Warner Bros. Interactive revealed MultiVersus, a brawler packed with iconic characters from the legacy brand including Batman, Shaggy, Jake the dog, Harley Quinn, Superman and more.

Currently in development and set to launch later this year, today we get a new cinematic trailer that not only pairs Shaggy with Batman but also Superman with the Iron Giant.

My one nitpick is that adding the Iron Giant to the roster goes against everything the character stood for. In the movie, the 50-f0ot robot is peaceful and is once again misrepresented (the same situation popped up in 2018’s Ready Player One).

Other than that, I’m warming up to the next free-to-play brawler that is gaining traction online. I can see the potential this new project is offering so with some good mechanics and diversity, this might be something to keep an eye on.