Motorcycle Club Trailer


Create your very own club and go against other players in the lightning fast world of motorcycle racing. Speed and strategy are required to complete the dynamic challenges found on true-to-life tracks and terrain across the planet. With a wealth of superbikes, custom bikes and roadsters to choose from, you’ll have to decide how to best handle a variety of dangerous landscapes that offer an exhilarating step into the untamed world of moto sports.

  • Pick from 22 bikes faithfully modeled after the most prestigious names in racing including Kawasaki,  BMW, Yamaha, Suzuki, and more
  • – Switch between bikes and members of your club at any time during the races
  • – Take part in a championship between clubs, unlock new bikes in sponsored events and face rival    clubs
  • – Earn money and buy new vehicles
  • – Customize your club with riders, emblems, helmets, and more


Bobby has been gaming since he was old enough to walk. Since then, the interest has only grown stronger, and here we are today. Follow Bobby on Twitter, and just go with it. @bpashalidis

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