Moss: Book II

Moss: Book II Announced, Coming to PlayStation VR

The team at Polyarc knows that ever since they brought the story of Quill the adventurous mouse to your PS VR headset back in 2018 in Moss, you’ve had questions. And they’re excited that you’ll finally have answers!

Today, as part of PlayStation’s July 2021 State of Play, Polyarc shared a two-minute trailer that shows off that in Moss: Book II, Quill is still in the castle where she rescued her uncle Argus.

However, the evil winged tyrant now has its sights set on capturing our green-gloved guardian. The hexed castle now has “new mechanics, environments, enemies, and abilities to explore,” — along with some friendly faces and places along the way! Perhaps the most fantastic new addition is nature attunement, a power used to create new pathways for exploration that I hope to see more of in the coming months.

There’s no time frame for a release yet, but with the magic and wonder Polyarc is continuing to create with the Moss series, I’m sure we’re all willing to give them all the time they need!