Mortal Shell

Preview: Mortal Shell Comes Out Of Nowhere And Has My Attention

Yes, we know that many new games take inspiration from From Software’s Soulsbourne titles and by now we should be used to it. I’m always eager to see how a game plays and a bit less how it looks, even if it is a bit close to the chest.

Take Mortal Shells, a game that seemingly came out of nowhere and already has my attention for its interesting trailer and premise. Essentially, you awaken as an empty vessel, to explore a rotted and withered world at the behest of the mysterious Dark Father. By doing his bidding, you will need to seek followers spread across this desecrated world, all the while overcoming devastating enemies.

Cold Symmetry, the developer behind Mortal Shells has been secretly developing the game for two years now and the small studio of 15 developers has some big ambitions with their new game; one I hope pans out for them!

If you’re interested, head over here to sign up for a beta.