Mortal Kombat’s Robin Shou and Linden Ashby reunite to play Mortal Kombat

For many, the best video game film of all time is 1995’s Mortal Kombat. With a decent story, excellent soundtrack, and good casting, it is the one to beat. So while the film hasn’t aged as gracefully as the cast, that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the film for what it is: a guilty pleasure.

The Hollywood Reporter invited both Robin Shou and Linden Ashby by the studio. Both Shou and Ashby, who played Liu Kang and Johnny Cage respectively, sat down with host Patrick Shanley.

In the interview, a few interesting facts about the film were revealed, like both actors doing many of their stunts themselves. In one instance, Robin Shou recalled being injured on set doing a stunt and fracturing two ribs. “We did it 10 times and on the tenth take, I was kinda exhausted. I landed on the edge of the pillar and I fractured a couple of ribs for that.” Linden Ashby also had a similar story in which his battle against Scorpion led to him injuring his kidneys.

Surprisingly, while both Shou and Ashby may not be professional gamers, they took on Patrick Shanley and won their bouts as their respective characters. Most surprising was the fact the cast keeps in touch regularly, having seen each other a few months prior to this interview.