E3 2023

More Publishers Have Backed Out Of E3 As Sega And Tencent Are Latest To Depart

Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft confirmed early on they would not be at E3 this year once again as each publisher instead hosts their own showcase. Yesterday we learned Ubisoft would bow out of the consumer convention after previously confirming their attendance and is instead hosting Ubisoft Forward on June 12.

Now it seems like Sega and Tencent are the latest publishers to no longer be coming to Los Angeles in June. Per IGN, many PR firms and publishers have concerns about the Reedpop and ESA event as there has been a “significant lack of communication.” Devolver Digital is also not attending E3 this year and instead will host a Devolver Digital Showcase across the street from where E3 is being held.

Many publishers in previous years had a much better understanding of E3 and had plans in place at this exact time in previous years. Now, as the yearly cycle comes around once again, publishers are reeling at the silence they’ve received from the ESA and Reedpop, a silence which leaves many publishers unsure of whether or not to allocate a budget for E3.

Whereas this year’s E3 is still up in the air, Geoff Keighley’s Play Days — an in-person and media-only event held in June where the press can sample some of the industry’s newest and up-and-coming games in LA, is still on. And just like clockwork, with rumbling of E3’s misfortunes, Keighley chimes in to confirm Summer Game Fest is happening and there are tons of titles to look forward to.

The heart of E3 is seemingly gone and the once massive event has continued to flounder over the last few years. E3 2020 was cancelled entirely, while E3 2021 was dialled back and online only, and last year’s E3 2022 was cancelled. For many viewers, the expo has run for decades and is host to incredible moments and game reveals that brought the entire industry together for one week of the year. It was a Mecca for industry workers and eventually consumers who ventured out to California to seek refuge with people from all over the world coming to celebrate a hobby so many are passionate about.