Moonshot Aims for Space Colonization With Real World Science and Co-op Gameplay

The new title is set for 2025

Space exploration continues to inspire developers. With games like Starfield, No Man’s Sky, and countless others, Moonshot attempts to set itself apart in many ways.

“Forge a new path. A haven away from Earth.”

Indie developers BeardedBrothers Games Group say they are creating a new kind of game within the genre by veering away from the typical sci-fi narratives and blending survival challenges with cooperative play using scientific knowledge that is being used right now.

The devs say Moonshot will be a more realistic game as you are a team lead who will get to the moon for the first time since the 1970s.

But it won’t be quite that simple. You’ll have to build and manage rockets, oversee your team, and navigate the lunar landscape effectively and safely. Thankfully, the plan is to have this be a cooperative experience to share some of that daunting workload.

The game will pull from current technology available in the real world or use concepts in development. The team says this will bring a unique sense of realism to a game with you exploring the moon like never before.

It looks like an ambitious title that shows off some impressive scenes despite being about a year from the full release. Moonshot is in development and aiming for a 2025 release on Steam.