Tactical Miniatures Strategy Game Moonbreaker Hits 1.0

From the developers of Subnautica

After spending a long while in Early Access, the next game from Subnautica‘s developers has reached 1.0 on Steam.

Moonbreaker is a sci-fi and fantasy turn-based tactical game where your miniatures team comes to life to topple your enemies. Unknown Worlds created the title to be a fully immersive miniatures experience with an actual tabletop tactics feel.

Suppose you haven’t kept tabs on the game yet. In that case, the world has been crafted by famous sci-fi author Brandon Sanderson, the writer behind the Cosmere series of novels and contributor to the Wheel of Time and Magic the Gathering stories.

Moonbreaker is primed to be a tactical game you can really sink your teeth into. The player can build and customize their expanding roster.

If you’re familiar with the miniatures world of tabletop gaming like the Warhammer franchise, you may know that painting physical characters is a big part of the experience. Moonbreaker allows you to do just that in digital form. You can zoom in and get as much detail as you’d like, with a fully functional painting mechanic that can be used on any an all units.


You can show off your collection, taking on other players online, playing against AI, or trying to tackle the roguelike Boss Run.

Topping it off, the 1.0 release of Moonbreaker also featured fully voiced audio dramas that flesh out the world and its profound lore. Author Dan Wells narrates each one.

The game is available now on Steam.