Moonbreaker Is The Newest Game From Subnautica Developers

As a tabletop-style RPG with painting as customization and deep turn-based strategy, Moonbreaker looks like exactly what I need right now!

Unknown Worlds Entertainment has shown us an extensive preview ahead of the game going into Early Access this coming Monday. 

Moonbreaker is very much a love letter to the world of tabletop miniature games made digital to extend its reach and capitalize on not having to clean up after yourself!

Every great tabletop game needs an engaging story, and this one features one from sci-fi god Brandon Sanderson, who somehow found time to write this in between all the books he wrote during the COVID pandemic… and keeps reminding us about.

It also features encounters with a never-ending variety of gameplay possibilities to outsmart your opponents through the strategic use of Ship Assists, roster makeup, map knowledge, and more. Compete against other players online or play offline in a variety of challenges.

The game will have 50 Captain and Creature playing pieces during its launch that are unlockable with progression. But there will be more and more pieces coming as part of seasons.

Customization is an integral part of the world of miniatures, so Moonbreaker will launch with a digital painting program that offers a wide variety of colour palettes, finishes, rarity auras and deploy effects — with more arriving each season.

Moonbreaker is in Early Access starting September 29th. Wishlist it now!