Moon Rover Games

Moon Rover Games Opens, Features EA and Ubisoft Veterans

Moon Rover Games, a new Stockholm-based development studio founded by a team of EA and Ubisoft veterans, has opened.

The studio is currently working on “immersive cooperative games set in emergent worlds where players can live and share their own unexpected gameplay moments and stories.”

Filled with veterans from EA and Ubisoft, it is led by Julien Wera as CEO, Ben Keen as Technical Director, Jamie Keen as Creative Director, and Christofer Emgård as Narrative Director. The group has previously worked on Far Cry, Battlefield, Tom Clancy’s The Division, Mirror’s Edge, Crusader Kings, and many more.

Right now, Moon Rover Games is working on a cooperative title et in an original world and IP. Everyone is using their experience to create something in a universe where players “can experience unexpected, emergent gameplay moments.”

“We are standing on the shoulders of giants, and grateful to have the opportunity to apply what we learned working on some of the world’s biggest games to building healthy foundations for a new company.” says  Julien Wera, CEO of Moon Rover Games, “Today’s tools combined with our team’s experience gives us the opportunity to build ambitious action games while maintaining a creative and people-driven culture where everyone can have impact and autonomy.”


The team at Moon Rover Games is working with Unreal Engine 5 in addition to their own tech the team is currently developing.