Monster Hunter: World Is Out Now On PlayStation 4 And Xbox One

Monster Hunter: World is now available from Capcom on PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One (and One X). The game will be coming to PC sometime later this year. Monster Hunter: Reno offers players a chance to take on larger-than-life monsters either in solo mode or with up to three friends through online co-op, with both, a global player pool and mid-quest drop-in functionality, a first for the franchise.

In Monster Hunter: World, follow the migration of the elder dragons as they make their trip to New World, a land beyond the sea. Many refer to this event as the Elder Crossing. You must make the trek to this foreign land to uncover the secrets behind the phenomenon. As the hunters set out, the Commission sets their sights on one target, the colossal dragon known as Zorah Magdros.

The game will continue to be supported with tons of free post-launch content such as the Horizon Zero Dawn collaboration event that will allow players to earn special materials that can be crafted into special themed equipment. This event is exclusive to PlayStation 4 and starts on February 8th. Bring Aloy to life in the game by unlocking her bow and armor set through quests available from February 28th to March 5th. Additionally, the first major content title update will be available sometime this Spring. In the first update, the fan favorite Deviljho monster and more will be added.