Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise Shipped Four Million Copies in Three Days

Monster Hunter Rise is looking like another hit for Capcom as the game has already shipped four million copies globally since it launched this past Friday, Capcom announced in a press release.

The ‘shipped’ figure includes physical copies sent to retailers and digital copies bought by customers on Nintendo’s online store.

Comparatively, when the last major entry in the franchise, Monster Hunter World came out in January 2018 it shipped five million units in the same amount of time. The difference here is that Monster Hunter World sold that amount across two major platforms: PS4 and Xbox One, while the newest Monster Hunter entry is currently exclusive to Nintendo Switch.

The game is also apparently selling the best in Asia, a market the series sells the strongest historically.

As of December 31st, the Monster Hunter franchise has shipped over 66 million units globally. Knowing that Monster Hunter Rise has presumingly pushed the series to the 70 million marks. More releases for the series is on the way with Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin launching on July 9th on PC and Nintendo Switch as well as Monster Hunter Rise heading to PC early next year.