Monster Hunter Generations Introduces New Styles and Threats


This summer you must adapt to new skills in order to deal with new threats in Monster Hunter Generations. The new action-RPG will introduce two new gameplay mechanics, Styles and Hunter Arts, which allow an all around better play-style than ever before.

With each Style comes different ways to approach enemies. Each Style also gives players the chance to use different Hunter Arts, combat skills and power-ups that can be used at the press of a button when charged, allowing the player to perform these special moves.

The four Style options are:

  • Aerial Style – With the addition of a new jumping ability, this Style allows players to perform aerial attacks creating opportunities to mount monsters and potentially knock it down.
  • Guild Style – Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate players will feel familliar with this classic gameplay Style for all 14 weapons.
  • Adept Style – You will be rewarded for learning enemies behaviour and unleashing counterattacks, creating more dodging and blocking options based on your weapon of choice.
  • Striker Style – revolves around building up and using helpful Hunter Arts.

Lastly, for those going to PAX East at the end of the month, Monster Hunter Generations will be making its first playable debut and the Capcom Booth (#3117).