Monolith Soft Director Says That A New Xenoblade Game Would Be “Vastly Different From What Came Before”

According to a tranlated message from Xenoblade 3 OST Limited Edition Box Set

We are less than a year removed from Xenoblade Chronicles 3‘s release, and the next game in the series is already on our minds as series co-creator and director Tetsuya Takahashi shared a slight tease that if another game were to happen that it would subvert expectations of the past trilogy of games.

“Rather than playing on defence, going on the offence; change rather than maintain. This is a stance that I have continued to hold for thirty years. If there is another “Xenoblade,” it will likely be something vastly different from what came before. In style and music, I would like to make my next goal something that will betray everyone’s expectations in a good way,” Tetsuya Takahashi said in a translated message.

The 600+ word message was included as a Japanese text card in Xenoblade Chronicles 3‘s latest OST limited edition. It was thankfully translated by Xenomira, known by the community for translating anything Xenoblade. While not an outright confirmation that the studio is working on the next game in the series, Takahashi has stated in the past that the series will continue, and the third entry is more of a stopping point for the Xenoblade. As for where the Nintendo studio remains to be seen from our perspective as it could be taking a break or working on something else – be it something new or another Nintendo IP.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and its recent Future Redeemed DLC are now exclusively on Nintendo Switch.