Monark’s Opening Cinematic is Here

The new RPG series from former Shin Megami Tensei producers is coming next year but today we’re getting the opening video which might make the wait easier (it didn’t for me).

From the minute it begins, it clearly has a ton of style and you can’t help get excited by the opening. It might not have the same style you’d find in a Persona game but it’s got plenty of charm to it.

The game is set in a world where a deadly mist surrounds the Shin Mikado Academy. To save your friends and family, you’ll enter the Otherworld, a world filled with Daemons and a dimension beyond anything in ours. It is here, you’ll harness the Authority of Vanity and summon Fiends, who draw power from their master’s Ego.

Monark still has sometime before we see it launch in the West but will arrive this year in Japan.