Mobius Final Fantasy Has Hit One Million Players

MobiusFF Header

Mobius Final Fantasy, the mobile Final Fantasy role-playing adventure game custom-tailored for mobile platforms, has surpassed more than one million downloads worldwide (outside of Japan) in its first week.

The latest update for Mobius Final Fantasy introduces gameplay improvements in response to player feedback, including the following features:

  • Distilled magicite will no longer expire after 14 days.
  • Greater Ability Summon will be added to the Summon Cards lineup and will cost 3,000 magicite. The “Greater Ability Summon” will summon a set of six Ability Cards.
  • The Mobius Gift Box will now contain additional items. The full list of item is as follows:
    • Summon Ticket x 6
    • GrowStar x 1
    • Ability TIcket x 20
    • Elixir x 5
    • Phoenix Down x 5
    • Crystal x 5
    • Spirit Ticket x 1
    • Extranger x 1
    • Mog Amulet x 1