MLB The Show 24

PlayStation Canada Has A MLB The Show 24 Scavenger Hunt In Toronto

If you’re in the Toronto area and use Presto, this news might be interesting!

MLB The Show 24 and PlayStation Canada set up a scavenger hunt called Finding Plakata in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) to kick off another baseball season.

This scavenger hunt is a chance for fans in the GTA to win a limited-edition MLB The Show 24 Presto Card with Vladimir Guerrero Jr. on the cover.

From April 29 to May 3, PlayStation Canada will hide five special edition Presto cards daily at different GO Transit locations. These Presto cards are loaded with a value of $150, and fans can hunt for them. You can use one of these cards at 11 Presto-enabled transit systems if you find one.

Following @PlayStationCA would be the place to start your scavenger hunt on social media. Using the #FindingPlakata hashtag might be an excellent way to find one of the limited edition Presto cards.

In our review of MLB The Show 24, Luke wrote, “After opening month with Sony San Diego’s MLB The Show 24, things seem to be on track for another winning season online, but The Road to the Show is still a bit rocky.”