Super Mega Baseball 4

MLB Alumni Up To Bat In Super Mega Baseball 4 Deep Dive

Big name alumni, new leagues, and teasing new features

Baseball season is in full swing and many arcade sports fans have their eye on Super Mega Baseball 4The developers have dropped their first deep dive video, showing off some of the big-name legends that will enter the game. These are dozens of real-life players that will be entering the series for the first time.

First up, the list of names is big and impressive. Working alongside the MLB Alumni Association, Super Mega Baseball 4 will feature players like Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth, David Ortiz, Vladimir Guerrero, Willie Mays, George Brett, and over 230 others at launch. No word if the list will grow, but it sounds like that may be in the books.

The video also acknowledges the fact that the real players may take away from the fantasy-like nature of Super Mega Baseball. With this in mind, the team has created more customizable leagues and drafts for you to play around with. There will also be a completely separate league that houses many of the alumni, pitting them up against each other on a weekly basis.

The video also specifies that this is just one of a few deep dives on the way before the game’s release. Presentation, more information on something call a ‘shuffle draft’, and one focusing on gameplay are on tap.

Super Mega Baseball 4 is scheduled for release on June 2nd, 2o23.