Mistwalker’s Fantasian Spotted On SteamDB

Mistwalker‘s Fantasian has been spotted on SteamDB, leaving fans hoping for an eventual port to PC and consoles. The Apple Arcade exclusive from Hironobu Sakaguchi has remained on mobile devices since launching in 2021.

The discovered listing indicates it may be coming to PC soon if the listing is to be believed.

Part 1 of Fantasian launched for Apple Arcade on April 2, 2021, while Part 2 launched on August 13 and has since remained in Apple’s ecosystem. Fans have asked for years to have it ported to the Switch and consoles.

Fantasian is a notable release because it was the first turn-based RPG from the studio since Lost Odyssey on Xbox 360.

One of the most notable things about the project is how Mistwalker used dioramas for many environments. In total, nearly 160 handmade dioramas blend physical environments and 3D characters.