Mini PlayStation 4 Controllers Coming To North America

horiGP 2

Sony has revealed the officially licensed Hori Wired Gamepad for PlayStation 4 is coming to North America. The controller, which was designed for children in mind, is roughly 40% smaller than the existing PlayStation 4 DualShock controller and features a simple design that I can get behind.

horiGP 1

The controller is also available for a small MSRP, which in Canada, will cost $39.99, and does everything the standard controller can do, with the touchpad being relegated to the left or right sticks.

Being wired, the Hori controller comes with a 10ft cable, but as mentioned, removes the touchpad, light bar, headset jack, speaker, vibration and motion control. It’s a big tradeoff if you want those things, but for a child, this would be the optimal controller to get them involved.

Expect to see the Hori Wired Gamepad in stores sometime this holiday season.