Netherwart Forest

Minecraft’s Nether Update Has A Ton Of Content

The next major update for Minecraft is called the Nether Update, which adds new biomes, mobs, structures, blocks and visual effects to the Nether to enhance its unique and scary atmosphere.


There is also a new Target block that acts as a projectile hit-detector, two new biomes in the Soulsand Valley and Netherwart Forest, with new monsters the Piglin Beasts and Piglin mobs. Also, Bees and Beehives are coming to Minecraft, which will help pollinate crops and flowers, and the Honey Block has new features. Expect Bees to arrive in both Bedrock and Java before the holiday season.

Lastly, the Character Creator! Character Creator is a new, easy-to-use system to help players make a custom character in Minecraft. More than 100 features, including all hair, eyes, mouths, skin textures, facial hair, and body sizes, will be available for free and there will also be a range of custom accessories, created by the Minecraft team, available for purchase. And yes, even capes will be coming to Bedrock for the first time, with a free Founder’s Cape available when it launches later this year! Plus, Character Creator will be available in the Vanilla game as well as Minecraft Earth and characters will sync between both games!