Lego Minecraft

Building Minecraft’s 14th Birthday With New LEGO Sets

Three new sets hitting store shelves

Minecraft is the best-selling title in the history of video games. So it’s almost expected that they’d continue to partner with LEGO Group, the best-selling toy in the world.

May 17th is Minecraft‘s 14th birthday. To help mark the occasion, the two brick-building past times are teaming up for three new LEGO sets.

There is an Ice Castle, a Swamp Adventure, and a Rabbit Ranch. Each is tailored to the younger builders with 65, 340, and 499 piece sets and a recommended age 7+.


The Ice Castle is set to defend against angry mobs with arrows, large walls for protection, and even a room to prepare and mix potions. Additionally, it is available now and retails for $64.99  CAD.


Swamp Adventures is the most miniature set of the trio, but it has a great-looking set of characters and even features a hinge where the TNT crate can explode. The set is available now and retails for $13.99 CAD.


Rabbit Ranch also has its share of action and TNT but includes a giant rabbit, of course! A zombie is coming to ruin the ranch’s day, so it’s up to the player to step in a save the day. If you want to lasso some rabbits, the set is available now for $44.99 CAD.

This isn’t the first time the two companies have teamed up, and it won’t be the last, as new Minecraft sets will be released later this year.