Minecraft is the Most-Watched Game on YouTube

Even after all this time, Minecraft has proven it’s crafted itself a strong online following, especially when it comes to streaming on YouTube. 

Today, Minecraft content on YouTube totals one trillion collective views worldwide. The first Minecraft videos found their way onto the platform in 2009, and since then, it’s become one of the strongest active communities on the site with over 35,000 active creator channels across 150 countries. in 2020, Minecraft was both the most-watched game and the most live-streamed game.

YouTube has many awesome things planned to help the community celebrate today’s milestone moment. For those who like breaking down and digesting data, this website from YouTube Culture & Trends will help you do just that!

“Being in the gaming industry my entire career, it’s incredible to see how Minecraft has exploded since it first came on to the scene,” said Ryan Wyatt, Global Head of Gaming, YouTube. “I remember working with SeaNanners at Machinima when he first tried Minecraft and shared it on YouTube – the appetite for Minecraft content then was impressive and the fact that it just continues to grow year over year is staggering. Minecraft has been the most-watched game for many years and to see it reach one trillion views is an applause-worthy feat. Congratulations to Mojang, Microsoft and the gaming community on YouTube!”

There’s also the video embedded above, which is a sort-of Lego Movie dive into the world of Minecraft set to a spoofed version of “We Built This City” by Starship. 

You may have also noticed the logo on the YouTube homepage has become Minecraft-infused and will remain so for the rest of the day.