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Minecraft Earth Is Coming Soon

Revealed today, players can begin to pre-register to know when Minecraft Earth becomes available in their country. A global rollout is planned for October through Early Access. However, in order to ensure a reliable connection to the servers, smaller markets will get the game first, with more countries added every few days, with a worldwide rollout by the holiday season.

Adventure 1

Microsoft says that this is Early Access and not the full feature set, with more robust content and features planned for next year, but are eager to get the game into the hands of players to enjoy and help build the community. The first experience available to the community is called Adventures. Adventures “are small slices of procedurally generated, limited-time Minecraft worlds that you play in AR in life-size.” Each Adventure has a different objective but all of them require you to work together with other people playing in order to complete them.

Early Access includes new mob variants (not available in the closed beta over the summer), crafting and smelting, too. Minecraft Earth uses Microsoft’s Azure PlayFab servers to scale around the world, which is a pretty interesting technology. Paired with Azure Spatial Anchors, this allows you to take off to your local park and find an abandoned mine, this guides others to the same place on the same Adventure.

Tabletop Build

If you’re interested–you can sign up right here–and stay tuned to Earth for further updates.