MindsEye Teaser Gives A Glimpse Into An Ambitious Future With Everywhere

A first look at the game within a game

We now have our first true (but brief) look into the massively ambitious and potentially groundbreaking world that will be EVERYWHERE, with a teaser trailer for MindsEye.

The 20-second glimpse into the game shows a man seemingly experimenting with an android or cyborg that mimics his movements, followed by some slick-looking action set pieces. Take a look below, it’s short and sweet.

MindsEye is the first of potentially many titles we’ll see from the team that’s creating a much bigger space to play within (more on that in a second). The “blockbuster” title, as they’re calling it, seems like it could be leaning into a large corporation or government installing a brain chip, while you attempt to figure out why, and ultimately how to stop them. It’s just a guess, but that’s what I could gather from the teaser.

Now, why is this brief trailer such a big deal? Well, it’s our first look into what could be described as a game within a game. Developers Build A Rocket Boy are creating a larger world where multiple games and universes will exist within the same larger framework or structure. One of those is MindsEye. They’ve described it as an expansive world where you can shift to multiple games and genres.

According to to the developers it’s “a new multi-world game experience that blurs the line between reality and the digital world.”

About six months ago the teaser for EVERYWHERE was dropped as well, take a look: