Middle-earth: Shadow Of War Gives Us Our First Look At Bruz, A Sassy Orc

A new trailer for Middle-earth: Shadow of War debuted today at Xbox’s E3 Brief. The trailer showed off the new and improved Nemesis system which gave us quite a gem…Bruz the talkative, sassy Orc!

Back to the new Nemsis system first though. The new system adds a couple things to the game, such as your very own army of minion followers, as well as nemesis fortresses. These additions can go hand and hand. While you attack and deal with fortresses, you can do so with an army of your followers at your back, taking over entire buildings.

Back to Bruz. The trailer (that you can view below) features Talion recruiting a Warmonger Tank, which is a new class. This particular Tank’s name is Bruz and he’s incredible. I love him, he’s already my favorite thing about the game. He talks…a lot, but he also rips people’s heads off…so I can let the non-stop talking slide.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is set to release October 10th after being only slightly delayed.