Microsoft Will Bundle PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds With Xbox One X

The recently released PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has taken the Xbox by storm. To celebrate, Microsoft is running a holiday promotion that will see the newest console, the Xbox One X, be bundled with PUBG.

Starting on December 17 and ending on December 31, in select regions, when you buy the console, the game will be included to enjoy.

I’m not sure why that game specifically was chosen to be bundled, as the Xbox One X clearly has a wonderful library of titles to showcase the power of the Xbox One X, but hey, PUBG is currently taking the world by storm and has over 20 million players on PC.

To see the trend follow on Xbox would be a wonderful gift in itself. Check out our review of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, we’ll post it this week!

Read about the bundle here.

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