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Microsoft In Talks With Sony About Crossplay

We’ve known for some time that crossplay between Xbox, PC, and PlayStation can be done, we’ve seen it with games like Rocket League opening up the gates and allowing both PC and Xbox gamers to play together, and why shouldn’t they? It would make finding games easier, and inflate the numbers.

Speaking to GameReactor, Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg spoke about the potential for allowing Xbox and PlayStation to play together, “Absolutely, yeah. We’re talking to Sony [about crossplay], we do partner with them on Minecraft and of course we would like to enable them to be part of that; one community, to unite gamers,” he continued, “so we’re talking to them and we’re hopeful that they’ll be supportive of it.”

Sony has been apprehensive about crossplay, which I can understand, however, in an age where everyone is open to playing together, as well as smaller gaming communities, which would benefit from the added player base.