Microsoft Revealed New Surface Devices

Earlier this week, Microsoft revealed several new Surface devices including the new Surface Go 2 and the Surface Book 3.

That’s not all they unveiled either, as Microsoft showcased new accessories to go along with the new hardware, including the Surface Earbuds, as well as the Surface Headphones 2. There’s also the USB-C Travel Hub and Surface Dock 2 that’s been revealed.

Surface Go 2

Featuring a thin, lightweight design that comes with a larger 10.5-inch PixelSense display, improved battery life and a 64% performance bump over the previous model with an 8th Generation Intel Core M. In addition, the Surface Go 2 offers Studio Mics, a 5MP front-facing camera capable of shooting 1080p and an 8MP rear-facing camera. The camera app also allows for scanning of documents and whiteboards, perfect for at-home offices.

The Surface Go 2 will be available for purchase starting May 12 and starts at $529

Surface Book 3

This all-in-one from Microsoft was meant to the do all from them, whether it was used for coding and compiling, working with Creative Cloud, or gaming with Xbox Game Pass or Steam. Surface Book 3 features a 50% performance boost over the Surface Book 2, with 17.5-hour battery life. Also, it comes in either 13-inch or 15-inch PixelSense displays with a 10th Generation Intel Core processor and Nvidia GeForce GTX or Quadro RTX GPUs.

Also, Surface Book 3 also comes with up to 32 GB of RAM and the fastest SSD Microsoft has shipped yet. One option is the Quadro RTX 3000 which is better for handling everyday use including things like Adobe or for coding, while the Nvidia GTX 1660 option is perfect for those who want to game.

The Surface Book 3 will be available for purchase starting May 21 in two configurations. If you want the 13-inch model it starts at $2,149 and the 15-inch model starts at $3,099.

Surface Earbuds

I’m excited to get my hands on Microsoft’s Surface Earbuds, which were revealed last fall. They are set to go live beginning on May 12 and retail for $259 and come with immersive sound for calls and music. Surface Earbuds offer intuitive touch controls so you can start a phone call or change the song without taking out your phone.


Surface Headphones

If you’re a fan of something more traditional, the Surface Headphones might be of interest to you. The new and updated version comes with better sound quality and boasts a better battery life of 20 hours. Surface Headphones 2 are designed to slip comfortably over your ears and surround you with spectacular sound quality, including 13 levels of ambient noise control.

The Surface Headphones will retail for $349.99.

Surface Dock 2

Using the simple magnetic click, you’ll be able to connect to all your monitors and storage to create an ultimate workspace. Using the Connect port, it’s never been easier to transition from on to go to sitting at home at your desk. The Dock 2 also comes with a higher power throughput so you can charge devices faster.


The Surface Dock 2 will be available for $359.99.