Microsoft May Be Planning Two New Xbox One Models


Rumours are swirling that Microsoft is prepping two new models of the Xbox One for release within the next two years, according to Kotaku and their sources.

At some point later this year, we can expect a new cheaper, smaller Xbox One, and then something more powerful, in line with the PlayStation 4K or Neo, we’ve heard so much about.

One of the systems, currently codenamed Scorpio will feature a more powerful GPU, and will launch at some time in 2017, this will allow for 4K, and potentially work with Oculus Rift. This will likely be the “Slim” variant of the system and may feature a 2TB HDD and smaller size.

This is a new strategy from Microsoft that is codenamed “Project Helix,” and according to the sources close the project will unite both Windows and Xbox as a united front. This should make developing games easier for both platforms and will potentially move into a more “incremental” model, in line with how Apple releases phones, creating more hardware revisions.

The console war will be rekindled if this is true, allowing both Sony and Microsoft to revitalize their sales and create even better games that allow these systems to reach their potential.