Microsoft Kills The Kinect

In 2010, when Microsoft revealed the Kinect for the Xbox 360, it was a reaction to the Wii craze, and while it never took off quite like Nintendo’s console, it had a following and many gamers clamored at how much potential the device had. The craze followed into the new console generation with the Xbox One and even on PC, but Microsoft’s device just couldn’t set the world on fire.

It’s a shame because the Kinect had the potential to change how we played games, how we interacted with our console and our friends. It’s not all bad news, however, as the Kinect will live on as it’s innard help power Microsoft’s Hololens, and while the developers of the sensor have moved on to bigger things.

I wasn’t too fond of the device not for a lack of liking it, but because I never experienced outside of the horrible Dragon Ball Z: For Kinect, and it wasn’t the best impression I walked away with, maybe it’s the fact the Kinect was branded a hardcore peripheral and one that only gamers could get usage of, but the potential of the sensors is only beginning to be seen.

With this, we close the book on the Xbox Kinect, once the stock in stories is done, there won’t be any more available. The importance of the Kinect has helped define the Microsoft’s future in virtual reality, not in throwing Kamehameha at my TV.