Microsoft Is Working On A Massive OG Xbox Compatibility Update

One thing that Xbox has been doing that I’m happy to see being supported, is the ability to play my older Xbox titles on the Xbox One. It’s allowed me to clear the clutter out of my house and use one console for the games I want to play.

The biggest draw is that other companies aren’t interested in porting their libraries, so Xbox has been on top of this, making many gamers happy. I know within some circles I talk amongst, this is what we’ve discussed numerous times.

My Xbox 360 was notorious for getting the Red Ring of Death, and the last time I played a game on my 360, the thing shut down and hasn’t worked since, seeing this is exciting for me,

On April 10, Microsoft is holding a new episode of Inside Xbox with a focus on Backwards Compatibility, with a ‘big promise’ to start the show. I’m curious to see what Xbox has up its sleeve, so I’ll be tuning in.

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