Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator Launches Canada World Update

Microsoft Flight Simulator continues to pay large amounts of respect to the world’s aviation infrastructure with its World Update program — which extends the number of lifelike airports and unique challenges present in the game.

Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update XI: Canada introduces a number of high-flying new landing challenges, brush trips, and discovery tours, all for free on Xbox Game Pass.

Microsoft Flight Simulator - World Update XI: Canada Screenshot

Let’s start with the addition of some new, hand-crafted airports. With the world’s second-largest land mass, Canada is a country where domestic air travel is all but required. There are five new Canadian airports, with three being in the western region of British Columbia.

The first of three new Canadian airports is Castlegar’s West Kootenay Regional Airport — an essential lifeline for remote communities in remote areas of the province as well as emergency air services. West Kootenay Regional Airport is small and surrounded by mountains, so it’s not going to be a place you want to land any large commercial jets. But a gifted prop-plane pilot should be able to master the glideslope approach required for landing.

Next up is Victoria International Airport — a busy island airport that links Vancouver Island to the mainland, where passengers fly all around the world from Vancouver, but Victoria also offers flights to Canada’s largest cities. This is an airport surrounded by water, so precision is of the utmost importance!

Microsoft Flight Simulator - World Update XI: Canada Screenshot

Finally, is Vancouver Island Airport… it’s small.

Canada is a land of rocks and trees… and water. So it’s no surprise that it makes for a great location for three new bush trips: Vancouver Island, Newfoundland, and the Canadian Rockies.

I’ve already outlined one of the new landing challenges above, but there’s plenty at Castlegar, Barkerville and Calgary to keep you challenged on the landing! 

Get to know Canada’s big three cities a little better with new discovery flights of Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto.

Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update XI: Canada is out now on Xbox Game Pass.