Somber Echoes

Metroidvania Somber Echoes Announced for PC, Slated To Launch Fall 2024

A new Metroidvania has entered the stage as Publisher Bonus Stage Publishing and developer Rock Pocket Games has officially announced its next game, Somber Echoes.

The upcoming 2.5D perspective title has only been announced for PC, so as of yet no console release plans have been officially revealed but we do know that Somber Echoes is slated to launch this fall. Somber Echoes is described as a unique “emotionally charged story inspired by Greek tragedies and Greek Mythology” with visceral combat that focuses more on player freedom and acrobatic movements in gameplay.

Looking at the early alpha developed footage from the trailer below; the developer shows an awe-inspiring visual/graphical showcase in its seven visually distinct districts that is going more for the “Metroid” part of the gene in its sci-fi setting. Somber Echoes is being developed in Unreal Engine 5 and will feature ultrawide aspect ratio support.

“A cataclysmic event turned the once beautiful and proud Greco-Roman space vessel Atromitos into breeding grounds for infested horrors from an unknown dimension. In the aftermath, a mysterious force chooses to interfere with destiny and awaken Adrestia from rubble and ashes. As Adrestia, you are trying to stop your twin sister Harmonia from unravelling the universe, but many questions remain unanswered. In the search for answers, you explore the vast space vessel while gaining powers, knowledge and skills for what might save your ultimate destiny,” Rock Pocket Games said in a statement to IGN.