Metaphor: ReFantazio

Metaphor: ReFantazio Launches On October 11, 2024

Revealed during today’s Metaphor: ReFantazio Atlus Exclusive Showcase live stream, the developer confirmed when the game launches: October 11, 2024.

The livestream also revealed more details about the various systems players can interact with.

Studio Zero Director Katsura Hashino (Persona 3Persona 4, and Persona 5, Shin Megami Tensei III – Nocturne) led the first hands-on gameplay shown today in nearly 3o minutes of gameplay.

The trailer, titled The King’s Trial, looks at the logo, which was designed to be based of a city’s main street. The hope is that the developers want players to see the diverse world they’ve built for them through the logo.

The protagonist’s primary goal is to find and save the prince who is currently cursed. Atlus says that Metaphor: ReFantazio differs from Atlus RPGs because it focuses on the dynamic action central to the combat.

Battles now incorporate real-time attacking and dodging mechanics and dashing across the battlefield. The idea is that the protagonist isn’t strong at first and throughout the campaign, will learn to master the mechanics.

The first stop in the protagonist’s journey is the Royal Capital Grand Trad. The video shows the work created by Koda Kazuma, a guest artist who was brought on to work on the game. The capital’s art style is brought to life by using a sense of realism within medieval painting, such as shaders.

Depending on where you are within the city, people will react to you with some cowering while others ask for help. This will affect your popularity in the race.

The areas between cities are called wastelands, which make travel difficult, and as the story progresses, your central hub will move about. Atlus also debuted a new city, Martira, a pastoral town that looks like something out of many other RPGs.

Taking a trip is meant to be realistic and is how you’ll also recruit via the bounties board. These bounties provide worthwhile rewards which can be used within the various facilities in each town.


Metaphor: ReFantazio Collector’s Edition Contents:

  • Base Game

  • Artbook

  • Soundtrack

  • Homo Tenta Metallic pins

  • Sticker Sheet

  • Steelbook

  • Kingdom of Euchronia Cloth Map

  • ATLUS 35th Digital History Book

  • ATLUS 35th Digital All-Time Best Soundtrack

  • Costume & Battle BGM

Metaphor: ReFantazio Pre-order Incentives:

  • Archetype EXP Chest Set

    • 10x Hero’s Incenses (Increases Archetype Experiences by 100)

    • 5x Hero’s Fruits (Increases Archetype Experiences by 500)

  • Adventurer’s Journey Pack

    • 30,000 Reeve (In-game currency)

    • 5x Expensive Medicines (Restores 200 HP to one ally)

    • 5x Revival Medicines (Revives an ally)

    • 3x Magical Breads (Gradually recover MP while in dungeon)

    • 2x Stale Blackbreads (Deals 300 Almighty damage to one enemy)

Metaphor: ReFantazio launches on October 11, 2024. The game will come out for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC.