Metaphor ReFantazio

Metaphor: ReFantazio Reveals Even More Additional Details Including The Core Concept, Story, Characters, Tribes, and More

Following Metaphor: ReFantazio‘s appearance at the Game Awards earlier this month alongside new details, Atlus and the game’s developer, Studio Zero, have released even more details of its later 2024 release game. Players looking forward to the game got a more expanded idea of its concept, story, characters, world, and the Metaphor‘s eight tribes, plus new game screenshots.


Like the upcoming Legend of Heroes game, Trails Through Daybreak, Metaphor: ReFantazio combines turn-based and real-time action gameplay, giving players another strategy while fighting enemies. Like the initial description of Final Fantasy Verus XIII, the developer describes Metaphor: ReFantazio as “Where Fantasy Meets Reality” with its core concept of anxiety alongside fear visualized in Metaphor: ReFantazio‘s story.

Metaphor: ReFantazio is set in another world, the United Kingdom of Euchronia, a nation of three countries populated by eight tribes whose members and players will meet along the way. However, things aren’t so peaceful in the fantasy setting as the king has been assassinated, invoking “chaos and unrest” across the land. To determine the next ruler, the king’s sentient Royal Magic kicks off a royal tournament to determine who is up next to take the crown in Metaphor: ReFantazio.


Details of Metaphor: ReFantazio‘s eight tribes are listed  below:

  • Clemar Tribe – Composed of the largest population across the allied kingdoms, the Clemar’s most distinctive features are the horns that grow from both sides of their head and have a broad diversity of facial and body types. The Euchronian royal family are clemar, and members of this tribe hold the most important positions within the government.
    • As a result, many clemars internalize the belief they are the most preeminent tribe. Clemars values freedom and dislikes illogical restraint. They enjoy cultivating discussion but do not always consider the situation or appropriateness of doing so, which occasionally leads to conflict.
  • Roussainte Tribe – Coming in second place population-wise in the United Kingdom of Euchroni is the Roussainte Tribe, whose prominent physical features include their Elf-like Long, pointed ears alongside their physiques, with women in the tribe being notably stronger than most men in other tribes.
    • Many Roussaintes are considered more influential than Clemar due to holding positions in the military and often holding key offices.
  • Rhoag Tribe – people from this tribe are better known for their markings on their faces and long lifespan, which can live almost twice as long as members from the other tribes. Aging from when they’re born to adulthood is relatively the same as in other tribes, but aging becomes much slower for them when they enter adulthood. They place great value in eventually passing down their knowledge and purpose, so much so that they’re known to remember favours as well as hold grudges for three generations.
    • The tribe is a seniority-based society with older members holding a high position of power for a long time due to their aging.
  • Ishkia Tribe – Avian wings, almond eyes and long eyelashes are the most notable features of this tribe. While the Ishkia has the lowest population among the eight tribes, they are better known for their intelligence, which leads to tribe members seeking out careers as scholars, sanctors, and other similar jobs. Due to this, Ishikia has a bigger presence in the kingdom’s bigger cities and is commonly admired.
    • The act of speaking down on others has been ingrained in their nature for some, making it just as common for them to be resented.
  • Nidia Tribe – Characterized by their iridescent eyes and hair, members of the Nidia tribe lack the conspicuously notable features of other tribes. They are known to be gregarious and talented at flattery. However, this temperament often leads to a reputation of being good with words yet untrustworthy or eccentric.
  • Paripus Tribe – Recognized by their bestial ears and tails, Paripus Tribe members have a variety of hair and skin colours but are often looked down upon by the other tribes, preventing them from getting into the kingdom’s political space even though the tribe’s population is almost as big as the Roussainte and Clemar tribes.
    • They are physically adept and often honest with their emotions, giving them a reputation for hedonism, for better or for worse. They are drawn to parties and festivities, and while this happy-go-lucky charm is often to their credit, it can also be seen as recklessness.
  • Eugief Tribe – Those in this tribe have bat-like wings and ears and are often discriminated against due to them being deemed “creepy,” leading to them being ranked the lowest among the other tribes and going through their life with not as much wealth as other tribe members. They are also known for being generally mild-mannered and cooperative but not good at making big decisions and tend to hesitate due to their constant concern for others.
  • Mustari Tribe – members of this tribe are better known for their unique faith and third eye, which wears a mask and recognizable “culturally significant” attire. However, it may be rare for players to run into the Mustari, not because there aren’t many of them in the overarching world but because most reside in an archipelago in the inland sea. The reason why you won’t find too many outside of their tribe base is that they are often discriminated against and denounced as “pagans.”


As for where the player is in Metaphor: ReFantazio, you, as this story’s protagonist, along with your fairy buddy, Galicia, go on a journey across the kingdom. The goal is to undo a curse placed on the prince of Euchronia, who happens to be the protagonist’s childhood friend and free him from his fate. Through the journey in Metaphor: ReFantazio, the player will meet friends and allies while participating in the royal tournament to complete their goal.


Details on Metaphor: ReFantazio‘s hero and the allies that the game’s protagonist meets include:

  • Protagonist (voiced by Natsuki Hanae in Japanese) –He embarks on a journey with the fairy, Gallica, to lift the deadly curse placed on his childhood friend, the prince of Euchronia. He is a boy of the Elda tribe, branded a “tainted” people by the state religion who believe the Elda have inherited dangerous and heretical magic. Being so rare among the populous, they are detested and discriminated against throughout the kingdom.
  • Gallica (played by Sumire Morohoshi) – Gallica is the player’s guide who helps the protagonist carry out his mission to save the prince. Although she is too small to participate in battles, her knowledge of magic and ability to sense magla are superior to the protagonist due to her fairy nature. She doesn’t mince words but is a reassuring ally on his journey.
  • Strohl (Played by Kensho Ono) – A young man from a noble family of the Clemar tribe who meets our hero in the recruitment centre for the State Army and has a strong sense of justice.
  • Hulkenberg (played by Saori Hayami) – A knight of the Roussainte tribe and former member of the royal family’s Kingsguard who served on the prince’s side. But when the prince was attacked, she failed to protect him and set out to wander, carrying the stigma of this failure in her heart.
  • Heismay (played by Akio Otsuka) – Is a former knight of the eugief tribe. He has acute perception compared to most others, partly due to the eugief trait of being sensitive to sound. With an appearance that differs greatly from other tribes, it’s not uncommon for eugiefs to be discriminated against—and it seems Heismay is no exception, his past his own burden to bear.

Metaphor: ReFantazio‘s main Japanese voice cast includes – Natsuki Hanae, Sumire Morohoshi, Kensho Ono, Saori Hayami, Kazuhiko Inoue, Akio Otsuka, Yoshino Nanjo, Misato Fukuen, Yoshimasa Hosoya, Tetsu Inada, Mamiko Noto, Ginga Banjo, Yuichi Nakamura, Mitsuru Miyamoto, Noriko Hidaka, Megumi Ogata, Satoshi Mikami, Tomokazu Sugita, Toru Furuya, Yui Ishikawa, Atsushi Tamaru, Yoko Hikasa, Ai Fairouz, and Kenji Hamada. Metaphor: ReFantazio‘s English voice cast has not been officially announced.

“This work was created with the simple message that ‘only by facing our anxieties can we take the first step forward.’ As long as society continues to be composed of individuals, I want to believe in the dynamism of ‘creation’ that has the power to change someone. While tackling this genre for the first time, I came to realize that perhaps this is the original meaning of ‘fantasy’—and the reason why so many people have always been intuitively attracted to it,” Metaphor: ReFantazio‘s Creative Director. Katsura Hashino said in a statement.

Metaphor: ReFantazio will launch for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S in Fall 2024.