Metal Gear Survive Looks Decent, Beta Incoming

When Konami announced Metal Gear Survive, a spinoff of the main series, in which you are transported into an alternate reality. I watched the gameplay overview the studio released and oddly enough, I’m digging what they are doing.

Instead of making more of the same Metal Gear, Konami is taking the series in a new direction, one that has you hunting for food, supplies, and facing off against zombies and gameplay gets even crazier if you watch the video below this article.

There’s a couple of influences I notice from the gameplay, mainly being able to build and customize your home base, then be able to defend it, as well as scavenging for supplies.

If you’re interested, Konami is hosting an open beta set to take place January 18-21 and will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One where you can test out the co-op horde mode. Unfortunately, there will be no PC beta.