Meta Quest Gaming Showcase

Fast Travel And Schell Games At The Meta Quest Gaming Showcase

Fast Travel Games and Schell Games rolled into today’s Meta Quest Gaming and brought some big VR titles to Meta’s growing portfolio of games.

First off, Fast Travel Games.

Vampire The Masquerade Justice

Step into the stealthy shoes of a vampire from the World of Darkness story universe in a full, immersive adventure RPG. The streets and shadows of Venice offer the truth behind your sire’s murder. Do what you must and drink what you must!

Wishlist now on the Meta Quest Store and PlayStation Store.

Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game Fleet Expansion

Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game‘s first expansion is now available!  It includes two new ships, the Pandora and Iris, each with unique abilities. There’s also a new relaxed mode and an autosave feature.

The update is free, and you can purchase Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game right now on the Meta Quest Store.

We Are One

It’s an attack of your clones in We Are One launching today. Solve puzzles using time loops to create clones of yourself to stop reckless machines from destroying the verdant ruminants of the environment.

With over 50 industrial levels and numerous cleverly designed puzzles to solve, We Are One challenge players to think multiple steps ahead to outsmart the enemy.

It’s available now on on the Meta Quest Store and Steam.

On the other hand, Schell Games is making several big announcements.

I Expect You To Die 3: Cog in the Machine

It’s finally time for the third instalment of the award-winning spy-themed VR puzzle series to go up for sale. Meet Dr. Roxanna Prism, a former Agency inventor who developed the telekinetic implant used by agents. Motivated to prove robots can be better secret agents than humans, she joined the Zoraxis Corporation, where she works to foil the Agency’s plans with her machines.

The game will hit Meta first later this summer, followed by SteamVR headsets in the fall. Pre-orders are open now with a 10% discount on the Meta Quest Store.

Silent Slayer: Vault of the Vampire

Silent Slayer: Vault of the Vampire is Schell Game’s debut horror title coming to Meta Quest. You must use skill and precision when they come face-to-face with vampires who must be slain while sleeping.