Merchants of Rosewall

Big Blue Sky Reveals First Game Merchants of Rosewall Which Is Out This Year

New indie studio Big Blue Sky Games is working on Merchants of Rosewall, a new merchant simulator set to launch this year.

Merchants of Rosewall is a simulation game that allows players to run their own store while exploring the secrets of a grand city that has been shaped by influential citizens. The game features shopkeeping simulation with unique progression tracking and an in-game weather system that affects resources, supply, and customer behavior.

There are also dozens of perks and sidequests to complete with a fully shared and online economy in cooperation or competition with friends to improve companions, shop capabilities, and efficiencies.

“At Big Blue Sky Games, we want to create games that feel easy to pick up and play, with narratives that players haven’t seen considered in other games,” said Kevin Hovdestad, game director at Big Blue Sky Games. “With Merchants of Rosewall, we’re challenging stereotypes and conventions in the fantasy genre; we’re inviting players into an imaginative universe that breaks away from cliches and lets players experience real-world issues through nuanced storytelling and complex conversations. We are excited for players to get their hands on the game later this year.”

Players are free to build, craft, trade, and source materials and support the residents of Rosewall. You also keep up with trends and discover new recipes, build relationships, and keep building your business within the city.

You can wishlist Merchants of Rosewall on Steam before it launches in the second half of 2024.