Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Video Game Releases

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Will Feature a 3D Mega Man.EXE in the Main Title Screen

Plus Online Play and Chip Trading are in development for the 2023 Release

With the Tokyo Game Show officially kicking off today, to celebrate Capcom hosted its own online program live stream that featured announcements from its biggest franchises including Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, Street Fighter, and even Mega Man got to shine a bit in the spotlight.

Now it wasn’t a show of new game announcements per se but more so one that featured smaller but welcomed updates on games like Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection. At the online program, Capcom announced that the Battle Network Collection will feature a 3D model of Mega Man.EXE as the player’s personal Navi on the main title screen when choosing which game in the collection to boot up first. It’s a welcomed addition to seeing a fully animated Mega Man in the collection selection.

On top of that, game series producer Masakazu Eguchi took the online stage to announce that online play and chip trading functionality is currently in development for every game in the collection. The addition sounds like even more incentive to pick up the collection, especially since when each game was released in the early to mid-2000s the idea of online play was not possible on its original platforms. With modern console development the idea of ‘what can’t be done then’ can happen now for fans of the original games.

The upcoming collection will come with all 10 games in the series from Mega Man Battle Network 1 to 6 including both versions of other entries. Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection will release in two separate volumes releases which will both launch sometime in 2023 for PC, PS4, & Nintendo Switch.