Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Video Game Releases

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Sales Hit 1 Million

Capcom’s got some good news for Mega Man fans who’ve been paying attention. While it’s been some time (roughly five years) since we’ve had a new mainline Mega Man title, the recent collection Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection has already sold over 1 million copies since launching earlier this month. In about two weeks since launch, that’s a pretty impressive sales figure for a collection of old Game Boy Advance games.

Other Mega Man collections have launched with each celebrating the mainline games, Mega Man XMega Man Zero and ZX but it seems like Battle Network has proven it may be the most popular of the spinoffs. I’m still waiting on a Mega Man Legends Collection, Capcom.

In my review, I said that “Capcom’s been on an impressive streak for the last several years and continues to show it is one of the best publishers in the business. Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection keeps the main experience intact but adds flourishes to make experiencing each title less of a chore. While not every entry in the Battle Network series is as exciting or strong, the overall experience and story are worth revisiting if you never saw it through to the end.”